International exhibition of equipment, instruments, materials and services for dentistry Stomatology Barnaul
SEC Arena, Barnaul, Russia

Exhibition profile

1. Dentistry
Wireless instruments
Diagnostic devices
Implantation systems
Practice furniture
Motors and handpieces
Lighting systems
Prophylaxis/dental and oral hygiene
Rotary instruments
Suction, separator and compressed air systems
Dental materials
Dental units
Ultrasonic equipment
2. Dental laboratory
Wireless instruments
Computer modelling, CAD/CAM
Materials for veneers, crowns or bridges
Materials for dental prosthetics
Furniture for dental cabinets
Modelling materials
Micromotors and handpieces
Dental maintenance systems
Orthodontic construction elements
Dental laboratory facilities
Refill and therapeutic appliance
Reconstruction therapeutic appliance
Rotary tools
Impression materials
3. Infection control 
Desinfecting devices
Servicing systems
Professional and protective clothing
Sterilisation equipment
4. Dental services
Education and training
Organisational provision
Press and media
Maintenance service
Financial services, management